Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

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Why Should You Get Treated for Social Anxiety Disorder?

It is hard to realize how much Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is affecting your life until it is treated and symptoms are lifted. You learn to just live with the loneliness and isolation, lulling yourself into believing it is not affecting you that much, but in reality your quality of life could be so much better. Social anxiety could also be the root of the depression you may be feeling. Treatment helps you overcome your fear of interacting with others, decreasing painful self-consciousness, increasing successful social interactions and improving overall mood and confidence.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Very little social interaction during the week, even at work
  • Extreme fear of humiliation, rejection, negative judgment, or fear of not making a good impression
  • Rarely making eye contact
  • Low self esteem
  • Constant feeling that you are not fitting in
  • Difficulty engaging in the moment or having a normal conversation due to anxiety
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Fear of others seeing how anxious you are (am I trembling, is my face red?)
  • Bitterness toward the self or society at large
  • Overdoing drinking/drug use at social gatherings in an attempt to relax and connect with others

Is treatment effective?

Yes, it is effective, but you have to be careful to get the correct type of treatment. Good therapy for social anxiety includes the following:

  • Illuminate the root of the problem
  • Target behaviors that are hurting you in the present.
  • Focus on changing your thinking patterns in social situations, and improving the quality of your interactions as they are happening in the moment.
  • An excellent working relationship with your therapist. One in which you feel safe and seen.

In my experience a combination of Psychodynamic, Relational Therapy, CBT and EMDR is very useful for Social Anxiety.

Please visit my FAQ section for more information about my location, fees, insurance policies, and my qualifications. I hope that you take the leap, and reach out for help. Call me for a complimentary phone consultation or send me an email about yourself. We can begin to face it together.

6535 Wilshire Blvd. Suite # 261 | Los Angeles | CA | 90048 | MAP VIEW

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