About Jennifer Cornett, AMFT

Negar Kkhaefi, MFT | Los Angeles Therapist

Jennifer Cornett, AMFT (AMFT137447)

I’m proud and excited to welcome Jennifer Cornett into my practice. Jennifer is an associate MFT who works directly under my supervision. She brings a warm, engaging presence along with her extensive training and experience working with traumatic stress. A few words from her about her approach:

I am an evidenced-based, trauma-informed psychotherapist who incorporates somatic interventions and mindfulness skill-building into my sessions. My typical clients are survivors of childhood emotional/physical/sexual abuse, or have experienced rape, accidents, domestic abuse, narcissistic parenting, work trauma, and relationship traumas.  I am trained in EMDR, use DBT, CBT, parts work, and conceptualize each client through a culturally competent lens. With my specialization in trauma, I prioritize resourcing my clients with polyvagal exercises, breathwork, and desensitization to anxiety to foster feelings of safety and connection within.  I am available for both in person sessions and online sessions.

I’m currently developing my expertise working with Anxiety Disorders such as Panic Disorder, OCD, and Social Anxiety using ERP, and CBT under the supervision of Negar Khaefi, who has been a specialist in these issues for many years.

I’m also versed in helping couples and families navigate issues arising from childhood abuse, neglect, parental narcissism, immigration, and intergenerational trauma.  I’m Gottman Level 1 trained help partners increase connection and understanding.

My practice is sex and body positive, welcomes and celebrates all sexes, sexual orientations, cultures, and relationship orientations.

Training and Credentials:

You can reach out to me to make an appointment for a consultation at:

(323) 638-4152