5 Facts about Panic Attacks

          • 1. Panic Attacks

Can come out of the blue

        • : Panic attacks may come out of nowhere, and be frightening and confusing to you. They are commonly confused with illness and sudden symptoms such as heart attack, stroke, asthma attack, and more. Panic attacks are a fear response to a threat that we are feeling that may not exist, and that we are not consciously aware of.

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2. Panic Attacks Don’t Kill You: Panic attacks don’t kill you. They are not a physical problem. If you experience panic attacks, go to a medical doctor to rule out any physical issues so you can rest more easily about this. If the doctor rules out physical problems, then what you are experiencing is purely panic. It is very frightening, but physically harmless. Also important to know is that when you have a panic attack, you are not going crazy or out of your mind. You are simply having a terrifying fear response that you were not ready for.

3. Panic Attacks End: Some last 15 seconds, some may come and go for a few hours, but each episode ends. You are not going to experience a panic attack that lasts forever, and you are not having a mental breakdown or going insane. The condition does not become worse with age, but it will continue until you get treated.

4. Panic Attacks Are Manageable: There are many ways to prevent and cope with panic attacks. Breathing, relaxation, diet adjustments, yoga, exercise, self-soothing, social support, psychotherapy, and medication are available to help you deal with them. Beautiful Image of The Sun Shining over the Sea

5. Panic Attacks Are Common: Panic attacks are common phenomena. 1/75 people will experience a panic attack in their lifetimes according to the APA. Panic attacks exist in all ethnic groups, and are twice as common in women as in men, though many men also experience them.